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AG Heroes | The Comforting Voice on the Other End

Jun 15, 2015 12:24:33 PM

Salt Lake City, UT–"Hello?"

"Hi, this is Angela, I received a burglar alarm, is everything alright? 

"I don't know! I'm in my bedroom. Please send someone!" 

"Okay Jennifer, lock your door. Help is on the way." 

"I don't have a lock on this door! But I have a gun." 

Angela, an AvantGuard operator working the graveyard shift, could hear the panic in Jennifer's voice. Someone needed to stay with her until help arrived. 

"As soon as she said she had a gun, something clicked," remembers Angela. "I knew I needed to act fast." 

She quickly told another operator to call dispatch so she could stay with Jennifer. 

Angela and Jennifer's conversation about life and Jennifer's dogs brought a sense of calm to the situation. While the alarm blared, laughs were exchanged and Jennifer's voice returned to normal. 

Angela stayed on the phone long enough for dispatch to make contact with Jennifer. Jennifer was very grateful for Angela's compassionate and quick response. Jennifer remembers, "She was the most pleasant person I had talked to that whole day." 

Nothing was stolen from Jennifer's apartment. We'd like to thank Salt Lake City Police Department and the provider of Jennifer's alarm system for the service they provided.

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