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AG Heroes | PTSD Attack Avoided

Apr 1, 2015 4:13:17 PM

Dowagiac, MI–Bonita, a military veteran was in her home when she suddenly began to have severe flashbacks of land mines and other horrors of war. Desperate for help, she pressed her eResponder medical device. AvantGuard Operator, ShaeLynn, answered the 2-way to help Bonita. 

"I need help! My Post Traumatic Stress is kicking in bad right now!" Bonita said with panic."I feel like I'm going to hurt someone or someone is going to hurt me!" 

"Help is on it's way" assured ShaeLynn. 

ShaeLynn knew that Bonita needed to keep calm, so she quickly asked another operator, Kaila, to stay on the line with Bonita while she called dispatch. 

Kaila talked with Bonita about what she was experiencing and learned a little more about her condition. Bonita commented that she was feeling worse and was worried she might hurt herself. By this time that ShaeLynn had finished calling dispatch and came back on the line with Bonita and Kaila updated dispatch of Bonita's condition. 

While ShaeLynn was on the line with Bonita waiting for help to arrive, Bonita talked about her 10 years of service in the army. ShaeLynn also commented about her own father's military service; the conversation helped calm Bonita down significantly. 

Kaila and ShaeLynn proved to be a marvelous team, never leaving Bonita alone. Medics and police arrived at Bonita's home shortly after. 

We'd like to thank the Dowagiac authorities who came to Bonita's aid, and the provider of Bonita's medical device.

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