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AG Heroes | "Is everything OK?" "...No!"

Mar 27, 2015 1:11:19 PM

Farmington, UT–Little 6 year-old Christian had a spirit of adventure when he wandered away from his rehearsal and his parents. As he meandered through the community center, he got lost. He spotted an elevator hoping it would lead him to his parents. Christian entered the elevator, pushed the down button, and the elevator doors closed.

To his surprise the elevator didn't move and the doors wouldn't open. Panicking, Christian pressed the emergency button. AG operator Taylore took the call to help Christian.

"Is everything OK?" asked Taylore. "No, I'm stuck in the elevator!" said Christian, crying. Taylore asked the boy's name and age and then instructed him to stay calm while she got someone to help him out of the elevator.

Taylore called the community center and other responsible parties with no answer, so she quickly called the Farmington City Fire Department.

She called Christian back, who was still crying, to inform him that the Fire Department was on it's way. Knowing that Christian needed to stay calm, she asked him questions about his favorite color, school, friends, and his girlfriends (to which he emphatically denied having). The conversation began to help Christian take his mind off his dilemma.

It was during the time of that pleasant exchange that the elevator doors were forced open. Although scared at first, Christian recognized his mother on the other side of the elevator door and rushed to her. Christian thanked Taylore and went on his way happily, without any harm.

We'd like to thank Taylore for her heroics in helping little Christian stay calm, and the provider of the elevator alarm. It's nice to know if we find ourselves stuck or danger, that AvantGuard operators like Taylore are standing by.

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