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AG Heroes | "There's movement on the roof!"

Mar 17, 2015 2:18:38 PM

Las Vegas, NV–Late one afternoon, AvantGuard Operator Jade received what seemed to be another routine burglar alarm. Jade tried calling the site, but William, the business owner, did not answer. She then called a sleepy responsible party, Chuck, who was unhappy to have just been woken up. Jade informed him that one of his building alarms had just gone off and needed further instructions. Half awake, Chuck almost disregarded the alarm but said that while Jade remained on the line, he would quickly try to call his brother William. 

After getting off the phone with William, Chuck said that it was probably nothing but that Jade could go ahead and have the authorities check it out. Jade accordingly sent dispatch to the business. 

A few minutes later, the same business had a different alarm go off in the same building. It was then that another team member, Emily, stepped in to follow up. Emily called William to inform him of the second tripped alarm. "Thanks for the call," William said, "The police say they heard movement on the roof!" As the police approached the roof they noticed there was someone on top and that he was actually throwing property to the ground below! 

Emily checked back with dispatch and learned they had apprehended the suspect and had recovered all the property from the building. 

Though it may have seemed like a regular, routine day at first for these 2 operators, their strict regard for procedures and quick response saved thousands of dollars of property. 

We'd like to thank Emily and Jade for their teamwork and for the alarm provider of William's business.

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