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AG Heroes | He Keeps on Truckin' Thanks to mPERS Device and AG Operators

Mar 6, 2015 1:08:37 PM

Oklahoma City, OK–Every year, semi-truck drivers travel thousands of miles. But what happens when one of those drivers needs help along the highway? In these situations, PERS medical alert devices and trained operators are able to help.

Rae Lynn, an AvantGuard operator, received a medical alarm for Anthony, who had been a truck driver for many years. Anthony was in his 18-wheeler, when he began experiencing extreme chest pains. Anthony quickly pressed his Mobile GPS Help Button, medical device as he pulled to the side of the road.

After being informed as to what was wrong, Rae Lynn quickly located Anthony along the highway After some persistent effort she got through to the corresponding dispatch agency."Time was ticking and I was getting nervous because chest pain is something serious!" Yet Rae Lynn stayed composed and was able to quickly complete all the necessary procedures precisely. 

Rae Lynn stayed on the line with Anthony until paramedics arrived. While waiting for them to arrive, Anthony expressed his gratitude and said he "wished the whole [truck] team had a PERS button." 

There are times we are alone and in dire need of help. What a comfort those times can be with mobile PERS devices and trained operators on the line, ever-ready to assist. By remaining calm and determined, Rae Lynn was able to be that lifeline that Anthony desperately needed.

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