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AG Heroes | From Burglar Scare to Scared Burglar

Feb 27, 2015 3:54:19 PM

Yazoo City, Mississippi–At 8:20PM near Jackson Mississippi, a burglar alarm went off. AvantGuard operator Ben received the signal and quickly took the crucial steps to investigate.

Ben called homeowner Randall to assess the situation and see if there had been a break-in. Ben asked for the security pin and noted that it was incorrect. Ben wisely hung up the phone and called Yazoo City dispatch immediately. 

"You can never be sure if it's the resident or a burglar." Ben Stated, "Calling the police is protocol when we have an incorrect pin." Even though it was Randall who had given the incorrect pin, Ben did the right thing in this situation.

Randall, who was away at work during the break-in, called later and informed AvantGuard Central Station that his window had been broken through and that the burglar had indeed entered the house! Thanks to Ben's speedy reaction and the careful steps he took to inform the police, the perpetrator was scared off before any property was stolen.

"I work at the fire department and I am on the job 24 hours at a time." said Randall, "If I didn't have that alarm installed they would have easily cleaned me out tonight." Randall was truly grateful for the great team at AvantGuard and the peace of mind they provide.

We'd like to thank Ben, the alarm provider, and the Yazoo City Police department for their efforts to change a shocking event into a happy ending for Randall.

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