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AG Heroes | Operator Helps Rescue Own Grandmother

Feb 24, 2015 3:28:50 PM

Farr West, UT–Early this month, Marilyn was visiting with her daughter when she tripped and fell over the coffee table. Marilyn's daughter, Carrie, desperately tried to help her up, but Marilyn could not move because she had injured her hip and as a result immediately went into shock. 

Carrie quickly pressed Marilyn's PERS pendant and AvantGuard operator Victoria came over the 2-way system. 

Carrie frantically gave all the details she could about the accident, while Victoria listened intently and calmly reassured that help was on the way. As an AvantGuard operator, Victoria knew how important it was to stay composed when emergencies arise on the job. Added stress isn't needed. Victoria later explained, "We never know what is going to be at the other end of our phone calls, and that means we need to be prepared for anything." 

Carrie then called her niece, Miranda, an actual AvantGuard operator who happened to be working. She instructed her aunt to keep her Grandmother as comfortable as possible and waited on the line while Victoria dispatched paramedics. 

Less than ten minutes had passed when paramedics arrived to help Marilyn. Miranda said, "Victoria literally saved my grandma's life!" 

Victoria added, "Knowing a member of our team had family that was hurt almost made it feel like a member of my family was hurt. I was so happy to be able to help." 

Marilyn is now in rehabilitation recovering from the effects of her fall. 

Thanks to both Victoria and Miranda as well as the supplier of Marilyn's PERS device for their efforts to help a customer and loved one in need.

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