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AG Heroes | Volunteer Fire Department and AG Operator Save the Day

Feb 12, 2015 3:08:50 PM

Salmon, ID–Something small can have big consequences. In this case, all it took was some lint to spark a potentially life-threatening situation.

At 11:23 AM a lint fire broke out in one of the dryers at an assisted living facility in a small Idaho town. As the fire flared, the building's fire alarm sounded. The alarm was sent to AvantGuard Central Station, where operator Jessee, picked up the signal to handle the situation. 

Following her action plan, Jessee immediately dispatched the fire department to the scene. She then made contact with the facility to notify them that help was on the way. 

While on the phone, the fire department (all of which are volunteers) arrived and quickly put out the fire. Fortunately, the flames had not spread beyond the laundry room, thus preventing further property damage and harm to the building's residents. 

"I'm really appreciative," said Jason, one of the managers at the care center, "for the alarm system and AvantGuard operator's quick response." Jason continued, "The response time was fantastic, and without it this could have have become something really major." 

"I knew it was important to act quickly," Jessee said, "to help prevent damage to the property and to make sure the residents on site were protected. Knowing I was able to help makes my job really satisfying. 

"We would like thank the dealer for providing this fire alarm system and to the Salmon City Fire Department for their prompt response.

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