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Redefining The Monitoring Center

Alex Flitton
Jul 20, 2018 8:05:00 AM

We take great pride in our ability to provide state of the art technology in addition to mutually beneficial business partnerships. In the last five years, new services and features have made monitoring with AvantGuard more efficient and effective for dealers and subscribers alike. Whether subscribers get to manage their alarms through group chats or dealers find alternative redundancy options, Our goal is to help dealers be in good company and exceed expectations in the process. Here's How we do that:

Applying Group Chats To Manage Alarms

As communication standards evolve, one thing has become clear; subscribers do not answer their phones. In fact, nearly 80 percent of calls made to subscribers form our central stations go unanswered. That’s why AG Chat has become so essential helping dealers improve the alarm management process and reduce false dispatches.

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Partnership Options Worth Having

Dealers who operate an in-house central station often struggle to provide effective redundancy, advanced automation software and meet UL and 5 Diamond standards. The investment alone can cost at least $1M as we’ve analyzed in our Alternative Redundancy Models Whitepaper.

That’s why hybrid monitoring partnership options have become so important for traditional security dealers. These unique partnership options allow dealers to gain redundancy, advanced automation software and qualify for UL and 5 Diamond certifications all while reducing the cost of investment and allowing them to keep their in-house operations.

Monitoring During Natural Disasters

We have been able to pass through several hurricane seasons without compromising our monitoring efficiency standards or response times. It is all possible because of a feature in our monitoring software called Storm Queue. It helps our monitoring center partition low priority signals from high-priority signals. This keeps operators focused on immediate subscriber needs while keeping them from reminding hurricane victims about the flood (they already know).

Redundancy Worth Calling Home About

Unfortunately, redundancy is a blanket term that is used to describe many different setups. Ours includes an immediate failover system in case of power outages, natural disasters and even boasts the ability to maintain response rates, even if one of our central stations were to lose functionality entirely. Now that’s impressive.

Automation For Efficiency and Scalability

As any dealer with thousands of subscribers already knows, subscribers want consistent service. Our central station automation software allows us to create custom scripts and processes for nearly any scenario and ensures that operators handle events efficiently, personably and effectively.

More Than A Central Station

While any wholesale central station can claim that it monitors accounts, there are a number of additional services they cannot provide. Our technology infrastructure allows us to monitoring virtually any IoT device, collect and store data to help dealers comply with regulation standards, resolve problem accounts and optimize those same accounts to improve profitability for each side of the bargain. AvantGuard strives to be more than just a monitoring solution for dealers. We take monitoring to the next level, helping dealers be in good company and providing partnerships that work for both sides.

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