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AG Heroes | mPERS Device Purchase Timed Perfectly

Nov 4, 2014 2:32:06 PM

WICHITA FALLS, TXMobile medical (mPERS) devices monitored by AvantGuard provide comfort, security and fast response outside the home for countless active adults across the United States. Terry, of Wichita Falls, learned the value of his device just a day after receiving and testing it for the first time.

Terry was walking down the side of the road near the golf course when, in his own words, "...a grey van drove by, ran me over, and then just kept driving!” Terry pressed the button on his moble device and AG Team Member, Kait (seen above), received Terry’s medical alarm within moments. She quickly confirmed Terry’s location, assessed injuries sustained by the hit and run, and dispatched help. 

Kait calmly assured Terry that help was on the way and stayed with him on the line, providing companionship through the agonizing wait for emergency assistance. Kait listened intently to ensure that Terry’s needs would be met and stood by ready to update emergencies services of any changes in Terry’s condition. The fire department and ambulance soon arrived on scene and whisked Terry to the hospital. Other AG Team Members have spoken with Terry since the incident and are pleased to hear that his condition is improving. 

Our thanks go to the dealer who provided Terry his device, just in the nick of time, and for AG Team Member, Kait, who not only followed procedures carefully, but who went above and beyond to compassionately assist a valued customer.

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