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AG Heroes | Alarm Scares off Burglar

Nov 12, 2014 2:33:12 PM

KITTANNING, PA–It was a pleasant September morning when Keith left his home for work, leaving one of his windows open slightly to allow some fresh air to circulate inside. Within a few hours, Keith received a call from Kenneth at AvantGuard Central Station, reporting a window alarm had been activated. 

Keith quickly drove home and met police. An intruder had popped the screen and crawled in the house, trying to replace the screen when he was inside. 

"He couldn't have been in the house very long," Keith explained. "The motion detector caught him and he must have left pretty quickly when the alarm sounded. Nothing was missing, and that was a relief. The operator who helped me was very professional and my system worked great." 

AG Team Member, Kenneth, referring to the call added, "It's nice being able to help people on a daily basis and know that we can prevent tragedies from happening. I'm glad we could be there for Keith and protect his home. It's refreshing to know that we can really make a difference." 

Thanks to Kenneth, our newest AG Hero and to the alarm dealer who prevented the loss of valuable personal property.

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