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AG Heroes | Homeowner Passes Burglar As She Walks Home

Oct 15, 2014 10:12:05 PM

PUYALLUP, WA–How soon after someone leaves their home could a burglar attempt a break-in? Ron set his alarm as he left for the day, and less than an hour later, his bedroom window and interior burglar alarms sounded.

AG Team member, Joseph (at left) received the alarm at an AvantGuard Central Station and responded immediately, dispatching police after leaving messages with Ron’s contact list. Ron received the message about the burglar alarm and met with police on site within minutes. Ron’s wife, Becky, also received notification of the alarm and walked quickly home from work, actually passing the burglar as he left their home on foot!

Thanks to Joseph’s fast notification and response, Becky clearly saw the suspect and was able to give an immediate detailed description to police, assisting in the apprehension of the suspect. Inside the home there was minimal property disturbed and the only damage was to the alarm panel which the burglar had broken to stop the alarm’s siren.

Our appreciation also goes to the alarm service company who quickly visited Ron on-site after the burglary to provide replacement equipment and additional technology that will continue to protect Ron and his family. AvantGuard Monitoring Centers are pleased to provide peace of mind and constant protection for customers like Ron and Becky.

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