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Apr 28, 2014 10:36:54 PM

WEST HELENA, AR–When your house is on fire and your adrenaline is pumping, it’s easy to make mistakes.

On April 27th at 9:30pm Roshelle’s family was sitting at the kitchen table when fire burst from the laundry room. Roshelle’s dryer had caught on fire! Initially, she attempted to stop the fire herself. When it got out of control she pulled the alarm and ran out to be with her family. AvantGuard team member Mark W. received the signal and called the fire department. While on the phone with the fire department Mark verified the address with dispatch and realized that they were sending the fire department to the wrong address. Roshelle had called and in a rush, gave the fire department the wrong information. Mark corrected the fire department and they rerouted the fire trucks to her home.

Upon arrival the fire department located the dryer and extinguished the fire. They removed the dryer from the home to inspect if further to make sure that another fire would not start up.

They discovered that lint had been the cause of the fire starting.

Fortunately for Roshelle, the fire only damaged the laundry and didn’t progress to the entire home.

"Your system worked great! I didn’t know that I had given the fire department the wrong address… who knows how long it would’ve taken them to get here if you hadn’t corrected them!” Roshelle commented.

We thank AG team member Mark W. for his attention to detail and fast response in Roshelle’s behalf. We extend our gratitude to the alarm dealer who installed this system, giving added confidence that you can always be protected with a monitored alarm system.

We express gratitude for the AvantGuard team and their dedicated and constant endeavor to protect the lives and properties of their customers.

If you would like to share a story of how an AvantGuard employee’s quick action helped to save, or protect the property of your customers, please email us at We would love to share it!

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