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AG Heroes | Patient Suffers Stroke While Attempting To Call For Help

Apr 29, 2014 10:33:08 PM

WEST VALLEY CITY, UTA stroke is a brain attack. It happens when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted and the brain doesn't get the oxygen it needs. Because the brain controls everything we do, feel, think and remember, damage to the brain affects these abilities. 

On April 16th at 4am, Esther was awakened by the fact that she couldn’t move the right side of her body. When she attempted to call for help, nothing would happen. Realizing that something was wrong, she pressed her button. AvantGuard team member Mackenzie G. responded to the call "Do you need help?” Esther attempted to respond but could only speak gibberish to Mackenzie. She was able to finally convey to Mackenzie that she was having a stroke. Immediately Mackenzie dispatched the paramedics. 

With the information that Mackenzie gave EMS, they rushed Esther to the hospital and began treatment for her stroke. 

Esther’s son commented: "We hadn’t even woken up by the time the ambulance was knocking on our door. It was very comforting to know that help was sent even while we were sleeping. Who knows how long my mother would’ve had to wait before we knew something had happened!” 

Only 2 days prior to her stroke, Esther and her family had made the decision to get a PERS unit. 

AvantGuard was later told that Esther was in the hospital for a few days and is now home feeling much better and getting the therapy she needs. 

We thank AG team member Mackenzie for her dedicated service in Esther’s behalf. We extend our gratitude to the PERS dealer who installed the system, giving added comfort and confidence that help is always just a button push away. 

We express gratitude for the AvantGuard team and their dedicated and constant endeavor to protect the lives and properties of their customers. 

If you would like to share a story of how an AvantGuard employee’s quick action helped to save, or protect the property of your customers, please email us at We would love to share it!

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