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AG Heroes | Cornered in a Carport

Hannah Allred
Jun 20, 2018 8:10:00 AM

Three Rivers, TX—Face-to-face with a massive rattlesnake, all alone and with no cell phone to call for help, Molly stood terrified.

Cornered in a carport with a lethal predator, Molly felt completely hopeless with no way to save herself...until she remembered what was around her neck.

She grabbed the Belle device she was wearing and with the click of a button was quickly connected with an AvantGuard operator.

“I’m trapped!” Molly yelled frantically.

She told the operator she dealt with blood pressure issues and felt her blood pressure was dangerously high due to the stress of the situation.

Jake, the AG operator who responded to her alert, immediately sent emergency medical services to help Molly and contacted her adult son who was in the area. Jake then stayed on the line with Molly, giving her constant reassurance until help arrived.

"I knew she was experiencing a lot of stress," noted AvantGuard operator, Jake. He continues, "I wanted to help her out as much as possible, so I asked her about her family until help arrived."

Molly’s son was the first to arrive on the scene.

Thanks to the call of the AvantGuard operator, Molly’s son knew exactly what he would need to save his mother. His shotgun did just the trick. With one fateful shell, the snake was killed and Molly was finally safe.

EMS came shortly after and was able to help return her blood pressure to a normal state.

Molly has made a full recovery since the incident thanks to quick medical help, her son and her Belle device.

We would like to thank the Three Rivers EMS team for arriving quickly on scene and providing care to Molly after her incident. 

*The subscriber's name has been changed to protect her personal identity. 

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