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AG Heroes | Citizen's Arrest

Jun 28, 2017 9:02:40 AM

Carlos.jpgRenton, WA – Reid sat in his cousin’s home one summer night as an alarm went off in his own home, less than a mile away. 

Seconds later, Reid, who was unaware of the situation, received a call from Carlos, the operator who responded to the signal.

“There is an alarm going off in zone two. Do you want me to dispatch?” asked Carlos. “No,” replied Reid, “please keep the alarm going, I’m only two minutes away.”

Carlos acknowledged Reid’s request and waited on the line for an update on the situation for over three minutes, knowing that each second was vital considering the potential situation.

Once Reid arrived on scene, Carlos could hear a dog barking loudly atop the sound of the screaming alarm. Seconds later, shouts made their way into the chaos as Reid began yelling at an unknown subject. Reid then hastily yelled into his phone, “Call 911 please. I need the police--now!”

Unfortunately, one of Reid’s family members had broken into his home, looking for valuables to take and sell.

“I was not expecting Reid to find someone in his home,” said Carlos reflecting on the experience. “Most of the time the homeowner’s dog or pet gets loose in the house and sets off the alarm, but this was a real surprise.”

Because Carlos patiently waited for instructions from the subscriber and paid close attention to his action plan, the police were dispatched with the knowledge of a verified intruder.

“The police came quickly after that,” said Reid. “I was so angry and frustrated to find my [family member] in my home trying to steal my stuff. Without that alarm, [my family member] would have gotten away with it, and I would have lost thousands of dollars.”

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