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AG Heroes | Burglar Breaks Cash Register

Aug 29, 2017 2:27:35 PM

avantguard-hero-amber copy2.jpgAt 2 a.m. on July 18, an alarm went off at a restaurant in Indianapolis. A burglary was in process.

Amber, the AG operator who took the alarm, was unable to contact the owners of the property, so she quickly dispatched police to the scene. Minutes later, dispatch noticed a shattered window.

While attempting to alert the owners of the restaurant again, Natalie noticed two new zones sending alerts on the scene. She quickly got in touch with dispatch to alert them that the burglar may still be on the property.

Because the restaurant performed live music for their guests, tens of thousands of dollars of music equipment was also on the property.
This added to the concern of the owners.

One of the owners later said, “They came in and destroyed the cash register. But, they didn’t take anything. I still see all of my equipment, guitars, and speakers and drums. They didn’t have any time to take anything because of the alarm going off and the police showing up”.

Responders like Amber, the local police department, along with a powerful security system, create a line of protection for our subscribers all day, every day.

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