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5 Reasons Why We LOVE Our Operators

Mandee Thomas
Feb 14, 2019 8:04:00 AM

Valentine's Day is a time to let friends and family know that you care and shower them with love. So on this day of love, we’d like to take time to recognize some of the most important members of the AvantGuard family—our operators!

The Cream of the Crop

When we bring on new members of the AvantGuard team, we make sure that we get the cream of the crop. We truly believe that we have the best operators around, and here are some reasons why:

            1. They Have a Passion for Helping People
              One of the main attributes we look for when hiring operators is their empathetic nature. Having operators that not only care about coming to work and going through the motions, but actually take an interest in our subscribers, and want to do their best to help them, makes a huge impact. And we see that proven, day in and day out. Here's what two of our subscribers said:

              You saved my home from a fire, there was still some damage done but if it weren’t for the service the entire house would have burnt down. We are so grateful for your quick response! - Rodolfo Belmonte
              I am super pleased with your services and would recommend you to anyone! - Fran Nottingham

            2. They Celebrate Each Other’s Victories
              In a lot of call center environments, managers purposely pit employees against each other to create a competitive atmosphere—that’s not the case at AvantGuard. Our operators know what it means to do their part while celebrating the accomplishments of their coworkers along the way.

              We even have a recognition wall in one of our stairwells where operators, trainers, and managers alike take the time to highlight their coworkers. It’s always fun to see who is going the extra mile and being a team player.

              avantguard operators, central station operators

            3. They Work Together to Solve Problems
              Much like the way our operators celebrate one another’s victories, they have each other’s backs when problems arise. If you are familiar with a central station, not every alarm call is completely straightforward—some situations can be complicated and time-sensitive, requiring our operators to rely on each other.

              It's not uncommon to see AvantGuard operators jump in and help one another during difficult situations. Like the time Steven helped call emergency contacts while Anna was on hold with the local fire department during an earthquake. They collaborated in order to get Abbi the help she needed during a frightening time.

            4. They Foster a Great Company Culture
              Company culture is a huge factor in employee satisfaction, and when employees enjoy their workplace, they deliver better service. Our operators add a vibrant and upbeat energy every time they step into the building. Most of the team members we hire are college students; so, not only are they all in a similar stage of life, but together, they foster a bright and enthusiastic work environment.

              AvantGuard Team Members, logo

            5. They Love Each Other
              "You can’t choose your coworkers, but you can choose your friends" that how that saying goes? Despite the fact that most of our operators come here as strangers, they quickly find a sense of camaraderie at work and build lasting friendships.

              Even former employees highlight how much they enjoyed the people they worked with. “Some of the best friends I’ve made have come from working at AvantGuard,” and other similar statements can be found in abundance from both current and former employee reviews.
            Here at AvantGuard, we really love our operators and appreciate what they do. When asked about our employees and their work ethic, Justin Bailey, President/COO says, “Dealers consistently tell me how great our operators are. With that praise I still feel like our operators are unsung heroes. They work nights, weekends, and holidays—because someone will need them. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the dedication to duty and caring demonstrated by our team.”

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