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Why Do Commercial Alarms Cost More To Monitor?

Aug 8, 2019 8:02:00 AM

Commercial alarms are generally more complicated, require much more equipment, and overall resources to install, maintain, and monitor. The cost of commercial alarms also become more expensive because of extra features. Things like video monitoring and remote access can add on extra dollars to your monthly monitoring bill.

Commercial Monitoring Costs

Changing technology plays a big role in commercial monitoring costs. Cell phones and broadband is the new norm for monitoring technologies, but it requires more technician support to keep that technology up and running. Because it costs more to service these emerging technologies, that ultimately raises the costs of commercial monitoring.

It wasn’t too long ago that 2G and 3G were all the rage, and now that the technology is almost completely on its way out, it requires monitoring companies to service more equipment and update systems. The cost of new equipment is expensive and will raise the monitoring costs for a commercial business.

In some places, such as Seattle, Washington, every alarm monitoring company has to get, and retain an annual license to monitor businesses. To offset the cost of these fees, the price is raised to monitor businesses.

Features such as video monitoring and remote access can add additional costs to businesses. Since commercial businesses have much more property to look over, and assets to protect than a residential area, additional features are usually a must for a commercial business, but a higher cost comes along with it.

When You Should Invest in Third-Party Monitoring

If your business is looking to install or upgrade its security system, you should decide on whether or not to have it monitored by a third-party monitoring company.

The main advantage to having your business monitored by a third-party monitoring station is that someone is always available to alert you if there is something suspicious happening with your valuables. If you choose to monitor your business yourself, you could run the risk of missing something damaging happening to your business.

We would suggest that it is always good to have a third-party company monitor any size business for maximum protection of your assets and property, but the most likely candidates are larger companies that have many assets to protect. The bigger the building, the more equipment, and more resources it takes to monitor all of the systems. That’s a great setting to allow a monitoring company to handle all those duties.

What Can a Central Monitoring Station Do For a Business

Peace of mind is at the forefront of what a central monitoring station offers. A central monitoring station can provide 24/7 monitoring services. While your employees are away from the office, the central station is still fully monitoring your business. This 24-hour protection can protect your business from fire, break-ins and burglaries, and can potentially save your company thousands of dollars in damages and lost assets.

A central station can also free up resources. It takes a lot of personnel to monitor the installed security equipment in a large business. Instead of staffing a security team to monitor all of that equipment, the dedicated operators at a central station can take that duty off your businesses’ shoulders.

AvantGuard is a great solution for your monitoring needs. We provide a ton of services that can help your business stay protected from disaster. Reach out to find out just how much AvantGuard can benefit your company.

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