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Why Content Marketing Will Work For Your Security Alarm Monitoring Company

Jul 1, 2020 7:45:00 AM

Over the years, we have maintained a steady flow of content from our security alarm monitoring company that we publish almost daily on our blog. It takes a lot of research and planning to decide what we are going to cover and when it should be published. Content marketing serves two main purposes: it informs readers and answers questions they are seeking answers to (more on that later) and it creates brand awareness for your company. Today, we are going to take a deeper dive into how and why content marketing works, and why it will work for your security alarm monitoring company.

Answer Questions

Readers want their questions answered, and as much information as possible on a particular topic. Something as niche as security alarm monitoring provides a narrow view of topics, but also allows you to be finite with your answers. Typically, there are three types of readers in the security monitoring industry:

  • People that want to learn more about a product or service
  • People that is looking at trends in the industry
  • People looking to solve pain points

For people who want to know more about a product or service, let’s use an example of a new alarm system to break it down. First you’d explain what the product is, then explain how it is used, followed by a trial. When you think about it, it is kind of like a commercial, except it doesn’t feel or read like a commercial. That will draw your reader’s attention. Content marketing allows you to go at length and in depth, providing different scenarios and situations for the product.

You can also use content marketing to identify trends, and use case studies to display why you believe that trend is happening. Think of the shift from PERS to mPERS, and identifying that trend, and sharing those insights with your readers. If you’re in the mPERS businesses, not only are you helping your business by addressing a major market shift, you are also gaining trust from your readers by showing them where the future is heading. It’s a win win.

Content marketing also solves customer pain points. A customer can Google something like “ How much should I be paying for alarm monitoring services?” And if you’ve done your due diligence with SEO, your content could be the one the reader sees first and reads; solving the reader’s problem and gaining more visitors to your website.

What Kind of Content Should Your Business Produce

Keeping this section short and sweet, a couple of content strategies that are tried-and-true include:

  • Lists
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Infographics

Lists are a quick and easy way to answer a bunch of questions that your readers may be asking, in a single article. These are great for SEO optimization as well, and can be as long or short as you need them to be.

Videos are a great way for your reader to consume content. You can say as much in a 30 second video as you would in a 500 word article. Videos are great for quick snippets of information and product demos.

If you are yet to embrace social media, you are missing out on a ton of potential traffic. AvantGuard linked up with SIS Marketing for a helpful webinar that helps explain just how powerful social media and understanding Google can be.

Finally, infographics help visual learners and skimmers consume the content that is most important to them. Infographics can highlight pain points, solutions, and key numbers quickly and boldly, so your reader knows the importance of the information. They also increase session time and content engagement.

Why It Works

There is an unfathomable amount of information on the internet, and a huge portion of it is untrustworthy. When you write insightful content that helps the reader, you build trust, and trust is invaluable in the digital marketing world. According to Lyfe Marketing, 78% of readers prefer getting to know a company or product through reading an article as opposed to an ad. Not to mention, that conversion rates are six times higher for companies that use content marketing compared to those who don’t.

So, if you haven’t started, now is the time. Open a few company social media accounts and get started with basic social media strategies for your alarm company. Also, check out our keyword research guide for beginners on how to begin ranking well in Google.

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