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The Benefits of Orion for mPERS Users and Dealers

Jul 21, 2020 7:30:00 AM

When it comes to mPERS devices, nothing is more important than the end-users safety. mPERS can be the last means of contact between an end-user and the help they may need. It is incredibly important that all of the systems, beyond the mPERS, have backups in case one of them goes down. That’s the beauty of Orion.

What is Orion?

Orion is a fully redundant IoT platform that Freeus uses for data replication (say that five times fast). So, what exactly does that mean?

Orion for End-Users

When the button is pressed on a mPERS device such as the Freeus Belle+, both location and voice data is sent to an emergency call center. And in the event that the user is out of cell coverage, Orion uses other compatible networks in the area to dial 911 to get you the help you need.

Orion senses when a device’s battery is low, and will send cell phone notifications, as well as emails, to let the end user know the battery is low or off. The system also knows when you are home versus outside your home, which can help get caretakers to the end user more quickly.

Orion for Dealers

The web portal is a centralized place for dealers to manage all of their customers’ devices. It helps to improve time spent on accounts and increases efficiency with useful time-saving tools. Inside of the platform, you have complete control over remote device management, including being able to update customer and contact information as well as replacing devices or assigning them to new customers. You can even bulk activate a handful of devices through the portal.

For marketing purposes, there is also a database of Freeus artwork and logos for dealers to use for promotional and marketing purposes. The marketing team can also help create customizable marketing materials.

mPERS and Hyper-Redundancy

To ensure that Freeus customers are never left without coverage, a hyper redundant network of signal paths was created. When the button on a Freeus device is pressed, the signal has several different paths it can take to reach the Orion platform, and then the central monitoring station. This ensures that even if a signal path or two are down or under repair, the emergency signal still gets to the platform and the end-user still gets the help they need.

Orion has two identical, geographically redundant data centers in different parts of the United States. So, if there is an issue with one of the data centers, the signal is instantly rerouted to the backup data center.

From there, Orion routes the signal to AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, which also has two completely hot-redundant sites, to ensure that every signal is accepted with the utmost urgency and care.

As you can see, Orion is more than an IoT platform. With hyper-redundancy and backed by AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, Orion helps create a safety net for both end-users and dealers to ensure that all signals get processed and that dealers can manage their accounts with ease.

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