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Iris Recognition to be Implemented in Airports, Borders

Jul 20, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Many of us have seen this technology before — if not in person, then in a Hollywood blockbuster type film. A person walks up to a machine that takes a rapid scan of their eye, analyzing the complex patterns of that person’s iris. After this scan, the person is then granted access to a top secret area (or something along those lines). While this technology is most certainly going to  make the user feel like Tony Stark, unfortunately the soon-to-be widespread implementation of this futuristic tech won’t bring any kind of superpowers with it.

The Key Players

A recent movement towards this biometric technology has been made by two key players. Iris ID, who offers the technology, has partnered with Securiport, a global provider of airport security and border management technology. This partnership includes an agreement for Iris ID to provide its contactless IrisAccess biometric readers to Securiport.

Whether unbeknownst to a traveler or not, most people who have traveled via plane or boat in recent years have likely encountered some of Securiport’s hardware. Prevalent in dozens of countries around the world, Securiport stations enhance the convenience and safety of travelers, while also helping authorities prevent criminals from crossing borders undetected and uncovering unlawful transnational activities.

Dr. Enrique Segura, chief executive officer and president of Securiport, said, “terrorists and other illegal travelers are increasingly using fraudulent travel documents at points of entry. The Iris ID technology, with its reputation for speed and accuracy in verifying a person’s identity, is a valuable addition to our proven, proprietary solutions that deliver a more secure travel environment.”

Other Applications

While this technology is great for access management, it has other advantages as well. For example, Mohammed Murad, VP of Iris ID, has stated that Securiport solutions equipped with Iris ID technology double up on services by contributing to international efforts to control the current coronavirus pandemic.

Murad went on to say, “Securiport’s solutions also include proprietary Epidemic Control System software to identify and control possible carriers of viruses such as COVID-19 and Ebola. Our contactless technology can authenticate identities of people carrying digital health certificates without contributing to the spread of pathogens. Also, our readers are effective when used by people wearing personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and goggles.”

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