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The AG Update: Ep. 59

May 29, 2020 11:00:00 AM

The growth of the PERS industry, what contact tracing looks like being implemented in security equipment, and options to keep your central station running no matter what.

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      1. PERS Market Growth Means Huge Opportunity For Dealers
      2. Contact Tracing in the Security Industry
      3. Hybrid Monitoring Options eGuide


PERS Market Growth Means Huge Opportunity For Dealers

If you were to look at PERS market growth on a chart, you would see a green arrow growing strongly up and to the right. And... that growth is not expected to slow down, even through the year 2028.

There are many factors to this: people are living longer, the technology is getting better and allowing people more freedom and protection. We’ve even seen fall detecting shoes and hearing aids which provide ultimate discretion. If your business has entertained the idea of jumping into the PERS industry, all market indications suggest that it’s a good idea.

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Contact Tracing in the Security Industry

An access control company, Identiv, is a global provider of physical security solutions. They have also recently been in the spotlight, as their equipment has been allowing people to return to the office because of its ability to be used as a contact tracing.

The Hirsch Velocity Software that Identiv has created can pull reports of exactly who has been where in regards to a possible exposure. To read more, click the link below.

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Hybrid Monitoring Options eGuide

All 50 states have now started to ease restrictions, but is your central station prepared for a secondary outbreak? That is where AvantGuard hybrid monitoring options can help your central station.

We can provide redundancy in technology and staffing, so you can have backup, all while keeping your central station option. It’s cost effective and a safety net for uncertain times. Check out our eGuide to see how hybrid monitoring works and how it can benefit your central station.

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