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The AG Update: Ep. 1

Alex Flitton
Feb 22, 2019 8:54:31 AM

Nest Locks Users Out, How You Can Prepare To Sell Your Business, And More...

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  1. Nest Locks Users Out
  2. Preparing To Sell Your Business
  3. AvantGuard Relax Event At ISC West


Industry News - Nest Locks Customers Out

Our first topic this week, Nest users are being locked out of their accounts when they get compromised. Nest, which is owned by Google, is using the unconventional security tactic to keep hackers out of its customers' cameras.

Interestingly, Google refused to comment on the new protocol to clarify whether it was due to a new password breach or not. For all we know, they’re just being proactive. They also did not clarify how it determines when a breach occurs.

But, Nest said that it plans to continue doing so with no indications of stopping.

So, if you or your customers get locked out unexpectedly, it’s probably because Google recognized a potential security threat.

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Nest, Google, lock out


AG News - Preparing To Sell Your Business

Just last week, we had Henry Edmonds from the Edmonds Group join us for and AG Webinar. He presented his tips on how you can prepare to sell your business.

He went over several essential topics for the growing entrepreneur, including his best practices in preparing to sell, valuations for your business, and the transaction process.

If you have ever thought about selling your business one day, this webinar is a must see.

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The Edmonds Group, Henry Edmonds


Industry Event - ISC West, 2019

ISC West is just around the corner, and AvantGuard will be hosting its annual Relax Event in the Titian room, just off the show floor.

If you’ve ever been to ISC West, you know that it is tiring, hectic and super crowded. It’s the biggest event of the year! Our room offers a great place to escape the chaos, sit down on some comfortable couches, and even get free back massages.

It’s going to be a great time, and we would love for you to join us.

You can register for the event at - the link will be in the description.

Once you have registered, you can schedule time to meet with a member of the AvantGuard team and put a face to the voice you speak with every day.

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