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The AG Update: Ep. 20

Jul 5, 2019 8:06:00 AM

Facial recognition technology, Amazon drone surveillance and more...

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  1. Body Camera Company Bans Facial Recognition
  2. 'Surveillance as a Service' through Amazon Drones
  3. What is a Five Diamond Central Station?


Axon Bans Facial Recognition In Body Cameras

Axon, one of the leading suppliers of body cameras in the United States, has decided to bar the use of facial recognition software in their devices due to ethical concerns. This decision comes from a report from their ethics advisory panel that detailed the system would create accuracy issues when identifying people of color, women, and children. The company’s ethics board concluded that, “Face recognition technology is not currently reliable enough to ethically justify its use.”

Even though Axon’s “self-ban” is taking the technology out of their cameras, law enforcement agencies can still use the footage from an Axon body cam and use third party services for facial recognition.

Axon is setting an example that ethical concerns of new technology should not be taken lightly, especially when it could potentially impact the lives of thousands of people.

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Amazon Providing Surveillance Services With Drones

Beyond potentially dropping off your packages in record times, Amazon is hoping to expand its fleet of drones to offer “surveillance as a service” to their customers. It was recently revealed that the tech giant filed a patent in 2015 that would make it possible for their drones to keep an eye out for graffiti, broken windows, fires or even small things like a garage door that’s left open. Then depending on how the customer set up their contact information, the property owner, police, or monitoring company would be alerted.

The drones would be equipped with geo-fencing to create a digital perimeter around the location it is monitoring. The idea is that the drone will only capture footage of houses they are designated to watch over.

Privacy concerns and FAA regulations are the biggest hurdles that Amazon will have to overcome to see their “surveillance as a service” plan come to fruition.

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What Is A 5 Diamond Central Station?

If you have been looking into central stations, you’ve probably seen the term “5 Diamond central station” while you’ve been researching. A 5 Diamond central station is a certification by The Monitoring Association for excellence in performance and reliability.

The Monitoring Association is a group of industry experts from around the world. This organization has been around since the 1950s and developed industry standards for central stations for performance and service.

The Monitoring Association awards the 5 Diamond certification to central station that adhere to these 5 commitments of excellence:

  • Random inspections and quality criteria standards
  • A standard to the highest customer service levels
  • Ongoing job-related education and testing
  • Raising industry standards
  • Lowering the incidence of false dispatches

Only 5% of monitoring centers in North America are able to meet the standards to receive the 5 Diamond certification. So, when you see a 5 Diamond central station, you can be assured that the company has a proven track record to care for its customer’s lives and property.

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