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The AG Update: Ep. 19

Alex Flitton
Jun 28, 2019 8:05:00 AM

Smart speakers, tracking sales leads, AI tech in central stations, and more...

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  1. Smart Speakers Monitor Cardiac Arrest
  2. Tracking Sales Leads
  3. Artificial Intelligence In Central Station


Smart Speakers Monitor Cardiac Arrest

Smart speakers are about to have one more new skill, because researchers from the University of Washington are developing a way for your Google or Amazon smart speaker to detect signs of cardiac arrest.

By using its “always listening” function, a smart speaker can monitor for specific breathing patterns that are associated with someone experiencing cardiac arrest.

According to the developers, victims of cardiac arrest will exhibit a symptom known as ‘agonal breathing,’ a type of disordered gasping sound that speakers can be programmed to detect. Once the speaker is triggered by the breathing pattern, it can send alerts to contacts you choose ahead of time, directly to 911, or to a central station.

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Tracking Sales Leads

Do you have a hard time keeping track of all your new leads? Do some of them just fall through the cracks? Then you need a new solution to keep track of your sales leads, where they come from, where they are in the sales process, and whether or not they close.

In one of our latest blog posts, we go over 3 core steps to track your inbound leads. Included in the article is how you can better track where your leads come from, how to nurture your leads into customers, and how to finally close your sales more effectively using an inbound marketing methodology.

If your reaching the point in you business where it’s time to take your lead management tactics more seriously, this is the perfect article for you.

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Artificial Intelligence In Central Stations

Do you remember scenes in 80s movies like Die Hard, or Mission Impossible when a building security officer would sit in front of a wall of TV monitors, checking for intruders or other unwanted behavior? 

They’d sit there with a cup of coffee in hand, and box of doughnuts within arms reach. It was as if the entire security guard workforce from the 1980s had all been raised in the same home with the same dietary habits.

Well, if you work in any security-related field, you know that watching a wall of monitors is incredibly inefficient. As today’s technology is introduced, the entire “monitor-watching workforce” is soon to be out of work.

Artificial Intelligence is the new kid on the block, and it’s making video security more effective than ever. 

In our article, we’ve laid out just how AI is expected to affect the monitoring industry, and what it could mean for you and your customers.

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