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Security Monitoring is Seeing a Spike in Thermal Technology

Apr 9, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Thermal technology was once far too expensive for small and medium sized businesses to afford. It was often only used by huge businesses and the military. But as technology has made thermal detection in smaller form factors, the price in turn has also decreased. But why are security monitoring companies yearning for thermal technology? Well, there are a lot of reasons.

Who Needs Light

One of the biggest problems with video verification is lighting. In many instances, whether cameras monitor warehouses, stadiums, etc., if the lighting is poor — whether due to fog, smoke or nighttime — the detection may be compromised. Thermal technology can help security monitoring businesses detect upcoming people within the perimeter that is set.

Thermal technology can be especially helpful for those who keep expensive belongings and equipment outside, such as farmers, shipping businesses, etc. Thermal detection creates a stark contrast between the person being detected and the background, so detection becomes essentially undeniable.

Beyond Human Detection

As the security monitoring sector and IoT become more and more intertwined, thermal detection emerges as a bridge between the two. Of course, thermal technology can be useful when it comes to detecting unwanted purportatiors on your property, but it also creates unique opportunities, especially for the medical industry, livestock monitoring, data centers, and IoT water management.

For the medical industry, and mass travel industries, such as airports and train stations, thermal technology such as the Athena’s AI security, can potentially detect COVID-19. The technology can detect irregularities in human temperatures and potentially flag anyone who has a fever. This could help reduce the spread of not just COVID-19, but also other illnesses.

For data centers and water management, this technology can truly protect some of the most important assets within your company. Thermal detection can help spot when servers are overheating, when a pipe is about to burst, or when battery packs are being overworked or leaking. This could potentially protect an entire company's data infrastructure, and alert the correct personnel before disaster strikes.

For livestock monitoring, thermal technology can help farmers track animal behavior, and reduce man hours in doing so. For instance, when a cow goes into labor, their temperature rises. Thermal technology can detect the increase and alert farmers when the cow is in labor, instead of farmers having to use man-hours watching the animal around the clock.

Security Monitoring Implementation

There are many misconceptions about thermal technology. Mostly because a lot of what the average person knows (or thinks they know) comes from what they see in the movies. To really understand what thermal technology can do for your security monitoring company or business, you should seek the proper training. Having your technicians and sales personnel trained on thermal technology will help them accurately convey the true power of the technology.

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