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Remote Guarding: An Essential Layer of Protection for Security Systems

Jan 4, 2024 12:15:00 PM

Many organizations have invested in some form of security system ranging from basic alarm systems that protect premises to access control systems to some form of video surveillance. AvantGuard Monitoring, a core part of the Becklar family of brands, has been providing premier wholesale monitoring services for security systems for over 40 years. We recognize that in today’s world it is more essential than ever to ensure the effectiveness of your security system to protect your most valuable assets – your property and people. 

Video MonitoringEyeforce

At AG, we have noticed a significant increase in interest and adoption of video monitoring and remote guarding services. Remote guarding is an advanced security solution that combines the use of video surveillance cameras, live video monitoring, and live audio warnings. These are being implemented by organizations as an additional layer to their existing security systems to improve effectiveness and decrease costs associated with security.

Improving Security Effectiveness

Remote guarding helps businesses improve their existing security system through cameras and analytics that cover a property, day or night, and notify a remote guard of any potential security threat. The remote guard is able to validate the signal using video verification and even use “talk-down” audio to engage in real-time with intruders, effectively stopping a potential theft. It’s the quickest, most proactive way to eliminate theft, vandalism, and even loitering.

Eyeforce Video monitoring

Decreasing Costs of Security

Layering remote guarding onto your existing security system not only improves effectiveness, but simultaneously provides a way to reduce costs for your organization, especially for those who employ on-site, live security guards. Through remote guarding technology, cameras and sensors are able to notify a remote guard of any security breach. The guard is able to identify the problem and determine if human intervention is needed.

By increasing the effectiveness of your organization’s security system with remote guarding, you also eliminate the extensive costs associated with theft or vandalism. Additionally, remote guarding reduces costs by decreasing the number of false alarms where security or emergency services are dispatched unnecessarily at a significant operational expense.

Power in Remote Guarding by Eyeforce

Becklar Enterprise Monitoring (including AvantGuard in the U.S. and Armstrongs in Canada) recently acquired Eyeforce Remote Guarding, the industry leader in remote guarding solutions. With the addition of Eyeforce, Becklar offers organizations the most effective end-to-end security solutions available on the market. Eyeforce uses the most current video surveillance technologies and sophisticated analytics, combined with their highly trained remote guards who provide real-time intervention as part of a custom escalation protocol. The result is a proactive security system that helps detect and deter crime, decrease costs, and ultimately protect your most valuable assets.

Contact Eyeforce Today

To learn more about Eyeforce remote guarding solutions, reach out to or visit with one of our security experts at 888-393-3672. We would love to share more details about how we can help you improve the effectiveness of your security system through remote guarding.

eyeforce a becklar company

About Eyeforce – A Becklar Company

Eyeforce has been the leader in wholesale remote guarding nationwide since 1998. With redundant command centers in Houston and Tyler, Texas, Eyeforce combines video surveillance, analytics, and live audio intervention to help deter crime and generate significant RMR for its nationwide network of dealers.

About Becklar 

Becklar creates industry-leading connected safety solutions for enterprises and individuals, delivering a world-class comprehensive suite of lifesaving and life-enhancing technologies. Becklar leverages its platform of innovative technology and award-winning services to create customizable and comprehensive solutions to meet the connected safety needs of dealer and enterprise customers across diverse industries, including personal emergency response solutions, workforce safety, connected wellness, and event response monitoring. Learn more at

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