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Easy Account Migration for Dealers and Integrators

Jun 4, 2024 1:30:48 PM

AvantGuard, a Becklar Company, is honored to serve our dealer partners and their subscribers. We know that no two security, fire, PERS, or environmental alarm system dealers are alike – from their back-end tools and technologies to their services offered and their operating procedures – each is unique. This can make migrating accounts to a new monitoring service a complex and difficult process. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

AvantGuard continues to be one of the fastest-growing alarm and critical event monitoring providers across the country. Our wealth of experience and extensive hands-on experience has enabled us to hone and streamline our account migration processes. We have a dedicated team of integration and conversion professionals who have streamlined the migration and integration process to ensure an efficient and accurate transition of accounts to AG Monitoring and to provide peace of mind throughout the process.

The Migration and Conversion Process

We have developed a process that allows us to tailor the transition of accounts to meet your unique needs and requirements. Each new dealer partner is assigned to a conversion specialist who is committed to understanding your business and providing highly personalized service.


During the implementation meetings, we go through each business carefully, documenting unique details and requirements through our proprietary conversion questionnaire. We break down all the accounts and subscribers, communication pathways, 3rd party vendors, etc. Our goal is to complete the conversion in approximately 21-30 days, (unless there are a very large number of accounts, in which case it would take closer to 45-60 days). Our conversion specialists hold weekly calls with the dealer, answering all questions and updating everyone on the projected completion date. We work with the dealer, the 3rd party vendors (of which we have expert conversion specialists who only deal with them), IT departments, etc. – everyone within the organization to make the process seamless.


After the conversion process is complete and accounts and data go live in our system, our dedicated transition team works with the dealer to train them on our proprietary tools – like the myAG portal, our Dealer Dashboard, etc. At this point, the migrations and integration of the accounts has been completed, with no interruptions to your subscribers and users.

The Goals and Benefits of Our Process

There are many benefits in partnering with AvantGuard, A Becklar Enterprise Monitoring Company. Here are just a few:


As part of Becklar Enterprise Monitoring, our team has gathered years of experience through organic and acquisition-based growth, gaining irreplaceable hands-on knowledge in converting tens of thousands[KK1]  of accounts. Our process has now been honed to be fast, efficient, and accurate, allowing conversion to happen in less than 30 days. The combination of our experienced and specialized team members and effective migration process simplifies life for partners, integrators, dealers, and ultimately, subscribers.


At the very core of AvantGuard is ‘We Care F.I.R.S.T’ – our company culture. The Relationships, Service and Trust parts are integral portions of this process and ensure that we are living up to these tenets for our dealers and partners.

We have dedicated team members, with defined roles and abilities, and lots of touchpoints within the conversion process, to make sure that our dealers feel completely taken care of. At every point of the migration, the dealer will know exactly what’s going on, how their data is being taken care of, and when the process will be complete.

Fastest Response Times Across North America

AvantGuard has been continuously recognized for providing unparalleled response times in the industry – 10 seconds or less! Our state-of-the-art, fully redundant call centers operate 24/7 and are staffed with our team of highly-trained live operators. In addition, we have implemented Becklar’s AI-based Engage Platform to support our teams, resulting in the best possible service for subscribers.

Features and Tools

Another tenet of our company culture is Innovation. Our goal is to help our partners to increase and improve efficiencies, increase recurring monthly revenue and overall profitability, and reduce false dispatches. We have achieved this through our exclusive suite of tools (which are available to dealers at no added costs). This suite of tools includes our Dealer Dashboard, AG Chat, Mobile app for technicians, and MLS reporting tool.

Our Dealer Dashboard is a groundbreaking data visualization tool that allows dealers to view weekly top alarm offenders, recent alarms and dispatches, call answer rates and more.

With AG Chat, when an alarm is triggered, users and their personal contact list are texted a link to join a secure group chat. In that group chat, members of the group can text with one another, over a secure platform, to figure out what is going on and whether dispatch is needed. This results in reduced false alarm dispatches, better communication between operators and subscribers, reduction in the time to first engagement, and most important, enhanced overall safety and service for your customers.

The Mobile app for technicians makes account management more efficient for you and your technicians. It allows dealers and technicians to:

  1. Put any subscriber account on test without having to call the central station
  2. Create multiple zones and test those zones at the same time
  3. Look up an account history from any mobile phones without having to log into Stages

Advanced Video Monitoring and Remote Guarding

As part of the Becklar family of companies, AvantGuard offers advanced video verification and remote guarding services with Eyeforce. Eyeforce has been providing video monitoring services to customers since 1989 and combines video surveillance, AI/machine learning analytics, and live audio operator response intervention to protect commercial properties and enhance safety, prevent crime, and reduce theft and loss. The Eyeforce division of Becklar Enterprise Monitoring is focused on supporting dealers and integrators with video solutions to grow their businesses. This market is primed for a highly effective remote guarding solution that can exponentially increase video monitoring recurring monthly revenue, and now dealers and integrators can easily expand their solution offerings with Becklar.

Eyeforce believes in getting into the trenches with dealers and integrators to help them infiltrate a market primed for a highly effective, remote guarding solution that can exponentially increase video monitoring recurring monthly revenue.

An Efficient Process for Smooth and Fast Account Migration 

With many years of experience with migrating all types of dealers – from dealers with minimal accounts to dealers with thousands of accounts and subscribers – AvantGuard has honed a process that allows for smooth and fast account migrations. Through our refined process and with our dedicated integration and conversion specialists, we deliver an average conversion time of less than 30 days.

AvantGuard, as part of the Becklar family of companies, provides high-quality service, the fastest response times in the industry, and innovative tools and efficiencies, leading to improved safety and service for subscribers, and increased profitability and growth for dealers.

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