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Becklar Enterprise Monitoring Honored at ESA’s 2024 Electronic Security Expo

Jun 18, 2024 1:41:51 PM

Ogden, Utah, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Becklar Enterprise Monitoring and its industry-leading, professional monitoring service providers, AvantGuard (AG) and Eyeforce, were recognized by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) with two prestigious Innovation Awards at this year’s Electronic Security Expo (ESX). These awards highlight next-generation products and services that present significant growth opportunities for security dealers and integrators.

The first Innovation Award was in recognition of Becklar’s recently patented Engage Platform – an exclusive AI-powered, critical event response monitoring platform. The Becklar Engage Platform uses AI and machine learning to automatically and instantly determine the intent of incoming security or safety signals without the involvement of live operators. Urgent calls are identified immediately and bumped to the top of the call queue for AG’s highly trained operators, in multiple state-of-the-art, fully redundant monitoring centers across the country, to respond and get assistance quickly in the moments that matter to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Becklar’s newly patented customer engagement platform significantly improves the effectiveness of inbound signal handling by providing context to calls before they are answered. This technology has empowered AG Monitoring Centers to provide an industry-leading average emergency response time of 9.4 seconds per signal. It has also improved efficiencies by successfully handling over 60% of incoming, non-urgent signals without requiring operator interaction. Now AG operators can focus on responding to the truly urgent signals that require immediate attention.

“We are grateful for this recognition from ESA and appreciate all they do to showcase the security industry’s leading-edge advancements,” stated Justin Bailey, President of Becklar Enterprise Monitoring. “Their vote of confidence validates our culture of ongoing innovation and commitment to monitoring excellence.”

The Becklar Engage Platform has also been implemented as an outbound solution to revolutionize services in the workforce safety arena and the medical or personal health and safety space.

The second ESX Innovation Award was in recognition of Becklar’s addition of Interactive Video Monitoring and Remote Guarding Services through Eyeforce. Eyeforce, A Becklar Company, provides the following industry-leading features and functionality to stop crime before it happens:

  • Proactive AI-Driven Detection: Advanced video analytics tailored to each client's site, filtering out false alarms and detecting suspicious activity.
  • Remote Guard Intervention: Highly trained specialists using real-time video and live audio warnings to deter crime by following client-specific protocols.
  • Remote Gate Credentialing: AI-assisted gate monitoring and access control for streamlined secure logistics operations.
  • 24/7 Coverage: Remote guards monitor facilities even in remote or after-hours scenarios, ensuring constant protection.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed incident reports and video footage for insurance claims, internal review, and insights.  

By combining AI-powered video analytics with live audio intervention from skilled Eyeforce remote guards, organizations can significantly reduce the costs associated with theft and vandalism as well as reduce the costs and hassles from false alarms. Additionally, dealers who offer remote guarding as an added layer of security to their customers simultaneously and significantly boost their recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

Daniel Forrest, President of Eyeforce, A Becklar Company, responded, “Since joining the Becklar family of monitoring solutions, Eyeforce has been able to expand our reach to Integrators across North America, adding an additional crucial layer of protection for an organization's valuable assets. We appreciate ESA for the recognition and all they do to highlight innovators in today’s ever changing security industry.”

Becklar Enterprise Monitoring and its subsidiaries, AvantGuard and Eyeforce, are thrilled to receive these honors from the Electronic Security Association, recognizing Becklar’s aggressive and ongoing commitment to innovation in making the world a safer place.

You can learn more about Becklar’s complete suite of safety solutions by watching this informative video, Responding In the Moments That Matter. You are also invited to learn more about additional prestigious honors recently awarded to Becklar family of brands here

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