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Recruitment Tips For Central Station Monitoring Companies

Mar 4, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Right now is one of the strangest times for central station monitoring companies looking to hire talent. Simply put, there is a lack of talented or qualified personnel out in the labor pool. Unemployment rates have been hovering at an all time low, making it difficult to find the talent needed to work in a central station monitoring company. But all hope is not lost, there are plenty of ways to combat these hiring woes.

Who Are You Recruiting

There are two schools of thought on this: a company may choose to recruit highly experienced call center operators and sales people, while another may choose to recruit younger — in college — recruits to work as call center operators.

AvantGuard has been a TMA 5 Diamond Award winner not only because of their technology and excellent business practices, but also because they hire and train some of the best operators in the security business.

AvantGuard hires college-aged people to join as operators. Each new recruit goes through an extensive two-week training to ensure they are more than ready for call center operator duties. The great thing about hiring younger, inexperienced operators is the training allows your company to mold them into the operator or sales person you want them to be. No need to remove unfavorable habits from previous employment.

How Are You Recruiting

The job description should be posted on every job board and job site. Be sure to include major players like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster. You should also be attending job fairs at local colleges, especially if you are looking to employ that age group.

College campuses aren't the only place where job fairs are held. Look up your local listings to discover where you can recruit, especially if you are looking to hire different age groups or people with more experience. Job fairs work as a two-way street: recruits can come to you and see what your company is all about, and you make your company visible to potential recruits that might not know what your company does.

If you see a lull in your hiring numbers, you might need to look at what you're offering potential recruits. Is the pay right? Are there any benefits? Many companies are raising their starting pay to help reel in potential recruits.

Retaining Central Station Monitoring Hires

Plenty of central station monitoring companies don’t have any problems hiring — the bigger problem is retention. Especially within alarm monitoring companies that hire college-aged operators. They can have spotty school schedules that may need flexibility. That’s why having a flexible working schedule can help operators be more available.

Also, easing on dress code can help with retention. Especially among Millennials and Gen Zers. Dress code combined with a higher starting wage and flexible schedule could be the ticket to retaining more central station monitoring operators.

Hiring top talent can be difficult, and retaining them can be even more difficult, regardless whether they are in sales or operators. By broadening your recruiter net, and making some internal changes to policies, your company will be better suited to have more hiring success.

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