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PERS: Lone Workers

Aug 27, 2019 8:02:00 AM

Most people associate PERS devices with the elderly, which, for the most part, makes sense. PERS devices are marketed mostly towards the elderly to provide them with a means to assistance during the event of an emergency. But there is an emerging market for PERS devices that is growing year over year. The lone worker job market is increasing, and is a growing and untapped marketplace for PERS devices.

What is a Lone Worker?

Lone workers are employees that work in isolation, or with little supervision. Truck drivers, field workers, and social workers are a few of the fields that fall in this category. Often times, the employee is in a remote destination, which puts them at great risk if an emergency were to happen. In certain scenarios, a PERS device might be the only technology that could summon help during an emergency.

The Growing Lone Worker Market

According to the “People Monitoring and Safety Solutions - 6th Edition”, by 2022, the lone worker workforce is forecast to grow to 260 million people in North America and Europe. Currently, that number sits around 53 million people. By that forecast, the market is going to grow by 5x in the next three years. As you can see, there is great potential for PERS being marketed towards lone workers.

The same publication states that in 2017, only 155,000 employees use a form of GPS and cellular technology safety device. That’s only .005% of the 2022 potential market. The opportunity for PERS growth in this area cannot be overstated.

How To Get Started in The PERS Industry

The growth in the lone worker field displays a giant opportunity in the PERS industry. If you want to start a new venture in the PERS industry, you’ll want to start with finding a dealer program. Freeus has a PERS dealer program to get you started in the industry. They will price the devices, and provide a lot of great insight on how to get started in the business.

AvantGuard has a pricing tool that can help estimate costs on monthly monitoring services.

There is a great, and profitable opportunity that awaits in the PERS industry. Remember, the booming lone worker segment of the PERS industry is only a small fraction of the potential clientele. If your business can capitalize on the lone worker segment as well as the existing elderly segment, you could create a very lucrative PERS business.

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