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Permanent Changes In The Security Monitoring Industry

Aug 4, 2020 7:45:00 AM

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the world forever. But how do those changes affect the security monitoring industry? We believe that we are going to start seeing more attention to certain security monitoring areas like video surveillance, as well as more companies being flexible with spending, employees and workplace policies.


In order to stay afloat during the pandemic, being flexible and nimble as a company is key. One of the things that the security industry is starting to see is a new approach to security installations. With a take on the DIY movement, security alarm companies are developing a DIT (do-it-together) and also called DIWM (do-it-with-me) security installations.

Security installation companies will ship their systems to the company, instead of rolling a truck out to the home, and instructing the customer via phone or Zoom on how to properly install the system. This assisted installation helps maintain health safety for all parties, but also doesn’t leave the customer high and dry. Many companies are seeing success using these new processes.

Companies will also need to be financially flexible. Security monitoring companies will more than likely always need a facility to manage all of the technology that is needed to operate a fully functional and hot-redundant central station. But for many smaller security companies, the flexibility of working from home has shown many companies that paying for an office space may no longer be a necessity. And repurposing equipment for other uses can help recoup money that may have once been lost.

The pandemic has left many dealers wondering why they are spending so much on maintaining their own central station when they can use a wholesale monitoring company to take over monitoring responsibilities. Security dealers are realizing it is much more cost effective than trying to staff, maintain and operate an in-house central station.

Communication is Key

One of the things that can easily get lost in the shuffle as many security industry businesses shift to WFH models is information on the business. It is important to keep your employees in the know, especially during periods of uncertainty. AvantGuard President, Justin Bailey, has produced weekly videos that are sent throughout the company on how the business is doing.

Other security companies have put together weekly newsletters that go around internally within the company. We’ve also seen “all-hands-on-deck” virtual meetings where everybody within the company can touch base and interact. Keeping your employees informed will ease their minds during these uncertain times. When everybody has a pulse on what is going, they can push that in the back of their minds and focus on work.

Employers also need to be extra communicative with customers. Let them know about changing policies, protective equipment and clean up procedures when installers enter the home. Let them know about updates on the new happenings within the company. During the pandemic, it's hard to know what companies are open or closed. Security customers don’t want to feel like they are left high and dry with nobody watching over them.

Speaking of installers, if your installers are feeling uncomfortable with going into customers’ houses, find other rolls for them during those hours. This internal workplace flexibility helps everyone from the business, to employees and customers.

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