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Feb 3, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Do you have questions about all the incredible functionality of the AG Dealer Portal? Wondering how you can take advantage of the Dealer Dashboard, or maybe you need help with your reports and billing? You may not know this, but we have an incredibly robust Help Center with key information to help you maximize your experience with AG.

Using the AG Help Center

Topics covered in the AG Help Center include the following:

Dealer Dashboard

The Dealer Dashboard is AvantGuard’s revolutionary data visualization tool designed to help you minimize attrition, maximize monitoring efficiency, and capitalize on service opportunities. Seems pretty intense, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think. Many of the widgets are self-explanatory, but for some of the more robust tools inside the Dealer Dashboard the helpful widget tutorials in the Dealer Dashboard section of the Help Center can be of assistance. These will walk you through more robust widgets and give you a strong understanding to unlock the full power of the Dealer Dashboard.

Dealer Tools

Our Dealer Tools tutorials teaches you how to get into Stages, generate reports and create and test accounts. There are also tutorials on how to pull specific calls from Stages. If you have a question about Stages, this section has you covered.  

AvantGuard App

The AvantGuard app delivers a simple account testing solution for your business. It lets you test thousands of accounts every month. But if you’re new to the AG App, or if you have some questions about a specific topic, our AvantGuard App section teaches you how to search for accounts, change your default settings, view your event history and even how to place your accounts on test.

Reporting and Billing

This is the most robust section in our Help Center. Here you can learn how to cancel accounts, access invoices, make payments, access the documentation section in Dealer Tools, and much more! Don’t let your accounting questions get in the way of you successfully running your business. We’re here to help.


In this section we discuss how to setup our AG Chat app, our API integrations and how to configure your AG Chat. You can find a link here.

Account Management

Are you looking to transfer your accounts to AvantGuard, or wondering how to test an account through text? This is the section for you. This section answers various questions you may have about your account, whether its about mobile support with Stages or setting up a subscriber in the end-user portal.

We want you to maximize all of the tools and features available to you at AvantGuard. And of course, if you still have additional questions, you can always reach out to Dealer Care and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Dealer Care
(866) 880–9591

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