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Leadership in Operations

Jan 12, 2021 7:00:00 AM

We often refer to our operators as the lifeblood of our company. They are the ones that connect with your customers and show them that there is an caring human-being looking after their well-being. Although there are many operators at AvantGuard, we train each and every one of them to be individual leaders who can handle stressful situations with alertness and prompt critical-thinking, but also to be empathetic to each customer. These are the values instilled in our operators to ensure you get the quality of service you and your customers can trust.

Leadership Traits

The average person thinks of leadership as an individual who will guide a group, or a team, in the right direction, or the winning path. But leadership in operations at AvantGuard is far more than performing duties. We look for specific traits in each one of our operators to show they are fit for the stressful events that can occur.

Prudy Gourguechon wrote a piece for Forbes about a checklist a company should use to hire a new CEO. In the article, it says the five character traits to look for are:

  • Trust
  • Discipline/Self-control
  • Critical Thinking/Judgement
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy

These are the same traits that AvantGuard looks for when hiring our operators.

Trust – We expect all our operators to model the highest standards of service. You trust us with your customers, and we ensure that our operators provide service your customers can trust.

Discipline/Self-Control – It’s no secret that operators can deal with stressful calls. During these calls, your customers expect someone with a level head to help them through the situation. Our operators know who to contact and what to say to provide the best service to your customers in any situation.

Critical Thinking/Judgement – Our operators waste no time in getting your customers the help they need. Our operators are highly trained and know what actions need to be taken regardless of the situation at hand. Our current average response time is the best in the industry at just over eight seconds.

Self-awareness – From the aforementioned article, “[without self-awareness] they cannot assess their impact on others and as a result their communications are confusing. Without self-awareness, a leader is dangerously blind to what they don’t know.” Our operators are clear and concise with their responses to events. This self-awareness plus discipline allows them to respond in a quick and appropriate manner regardless if the situation is unfamiliar or unique.

Empathy – By understanding the thoughts and feelings of the caller, our operator can truly connect with the caller and their situation. This helps them know which steps need to be taken to get your subscriber the assistance they need.

Individual Leaders

When your customers call, they are looking for someone to assist them. While there are a variety of reasons to call, our operators are more than capable to handle the event. AvantGuard operators are leaders in the operating world and ready to provide your customer with the best service possible.

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