It's About Trust

AvantGuard is a Monitoring Center you Can Trust 

Building your company culture on a foundation of trust can have a morale boosting and positive financial impact on your business. Employees that have trust in their leaders and organization work faster, harder, and are happy to do so. But how do you begin to build that foundation of trust within your organization?

According to Tolero Solutions, 45% of employees say that a lack of trust in their leadership is the biggest issue impacting their work performance. Employees don’t want to work hard for leaders or organizations they feel don’t have their best interest in mind or are being dishonest with them.

If you took roughly 45% of your current workforce and cut their production in half, where would that leave your business? And if you’re only getting half the performance from your current workforce, think about how much more your business could accomplish if your employees felt more trusted or inspired.

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Great monitoring center. Easy to call and get help for dealers.  

Wendy Merrill

Industries We Serve



We provide wholesale security monitoring to to security system installation companies that takes the place of an in-house monitoring center saving companies money.



AvantGuard monitors the smoke and Co2 detectors that keep the millions homes and businesses protected throughout the United States. 



We’ve developed a streamlined process to monitor PERS devices, assess situations and send help whenever necessary to keep your customers users safe.



Beyond security, fire and PERS, AvantGuard expanded our monitoring systems to also asses environmental and crash detection sensors and technology.

The Dealer Care and Data teams are excellent to work with!!

Nick Grant
G&G Electric, Inc.

The AvantGuard Difference

Superior Service

We love what we do, and we're obsessed with providing superior service in all scenarios.


We build partnerships based on trust and teamwork; we are the relationship-first monitoring center.

Our People

Our operators receive intense training and are accountable for the highest performance standards in the industry.


We have invested heavily to receive 100% redundancy. Two state-of-the-art facilities ensure your subscribers are taken care of.

AG Chat

You will love this our no-cost tool that ensures better, faster communication to help confirm or disregard a signal.

And Much More

  • A full suite of third-party integrations
  • Dealer Care for smooth on-boarding
  • A Dealer Dashboard to help better understand their customer behavior
  • Innovation and forward thinking.