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How Security and PERS Professionals Can Prepare for the 3G Sunset

Oct 5, 2021 3:36:17 PM

Two of the largest cell phone service providers are shutting down their 3G networks next year. Do you still have customers on 3G devices and networks? Are you prepared to make the switch and upgrade your customers to newer equipment?

When Will AT&T and Verizon Shut Down 3G

AT&T plans on shutting down their 3G network in February of 2022, while Verizon has pushed their date back for a few years now, the company has finally landed on what they believe to be a firm date of December 2022. When these comminutions are finally put to rest, this means devices such as mPERS devices or any cellular device that uses 3G will no longer work. Here’s how you can prepare for the 3G sunset.

Preparing for the 3G Sunset

If you have customers on 3G networks, you will want to start your preparations immediately to get those customers upgraded to new technology. Start by curating a list of all customers who are still on existing 3G networks. To get the most comprehensive list, compare the list you create to the list provided by your monitoring center.

Next, you’ll want to begin purchasing new equipment that communicates using 4G, LTE and 5G technology. To be as cost effective as possible, reach out to wholesale equipment dealers to purchase bulk devices. Also be on the lookout for promotions or deals to save money.

The next part, and quite possibly the most difficult, is getting your customers to upgrade. But this lends itself for a great opportunity to provide promotions for your customers. You may want to consider providing them with a free month of service for upgrading or free installation or a demo for using new equipment. Or perhaps an add-on to their existing system, such as a free security camera or secondary mPERS device.

Using a promotion is a tried-and-true way that cell phone companies get customers to upgrade. Often you see promotions such as “trade in your old phone and get two phones for the price of one.” These promotions help encourage customers to upgrade with less apprehension.

Finally, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to start contacting your customers about upgrading. Use additional promotions as extra incentive to get them to upgrade. And if you have a large subscriber list that needs upgrading, break your list into smaller chunks and set weekly goals to get customers to upgrade.

What 5G Can Do

President of AvantGuard, Justin Bailey, discusses how 5G can change the landscape of the security monitoring industry in the video below.



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