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Finding Great Technicians for Your Alarm Business

Jan 17, 2022 10:25:43 AM

There are a handful of reasons why our industry is experiencing a worker shortage. More work-from-home options combined with wage assistance has made it difficult to attract and retain workers, especially technicians. But there are plenty of ways your company can combat that trend and lure the best talent to your business. However, it may start with possibly restructuring the way you look at hiring in the first place.

Ways to Overcome Technician Shortages

The worst thing you can do is assume “there just aren’t many technicians available right now.” Being pro-active about your hiring will ultimately keep your needs for technicians met.

Interview Continuously

Keep technician job listings posted even when you don’t need the help, and interview technicians throughout the year to have good candidates on file. This way, instead of trying to hire in a pinch, you have an assortment of potential technicians you can reach out to. Since you’ve done your interviewing and vetting early on, when it comes to crunch time and you need to hire someone quickly, you will have a pool to draw from.  

Keep Your House Clean

We don’t mean literally — we’re talking about having an updated website, shop and equipment. You are selling your business just as much as the technicians are selling themselves. If your business is unorganized, has outdated equipment, or your website looks like it was created with MS Paint, you’re more likely to scare away top talent than you are to attract them.

They need to sense that you are investing in the business and your team on an ongoing basis.

Paid Training 

Two other things to consider during a worker shortage: competitive pay and training on the job. Training on the job opens up the available talent pool exponentially. A talented technician with only one year experience may be deterred from applying because your posting asks for two or more years of experience. There are a lot of talented and driven individuals available out there with minimal experience, and a good on-the-job training program can help you mold your technician team and find diamonds in the rough.

Competitive pay is also a huge pain point during the technician shortage. We recommend doing some competitive analysis to see what others in your industry are offering. Can you beat your competitors in pay? If not, what other incentives can you provide? Bonuses for hitting KPIs, extra PTO, growth and pay increases for service time and/or performance? Take into account cost of living expenses in your region as well to ensure you aren’t behind the curve on technician compensation.

Get Involved with ESA National Training School

You might consider getting in touch with the expert instructors who train technicians or even becoming an ESA member. You can also request private classes for your company and show new hires that you are willing to invest in their success.

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