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Household Demographics Help Sell Smart Locks

Sep 28, 2020 2:30:00 PM

Kwikset, the American lock manufacturing company, recently commissioned a study through TraQline, a market research group. This group had some interesting findings that provide valuable insight for those in the security industry. In the study, a link was revealed between household size and their probability of owning smart locks.

The Survey

Demographics are invaluable in any industry. The security industry is no different, especially on the sales side of things. This knowledge might not necessarily aid in the closing of a sale, but it provides the seller with a clear direction.

Recently, we discussed why it could be beneficial to add smart devices to your inventory. Should smart locks be the next devices? Well, after reading this study, that might be a great decision. 

Kwikset found that after TraQline’s survey of 228 households, marital status was one of the single most indicative factors behind the ownership of smart locks. The largest group of electric lock consumers was the married group, at 64%. Singles took second, coming in at 20%, while those who have been divorced were at 13.3%, and widows trailed behind at 2.7%.

The Findings

From these statistics, we can see that married couples are more than three times as likely to own, or purchase, a smart lock device. But what else can be assumed from this information? It is safe to assume that people with partners care significantly more about protecting each other. But are there some other factors that could be driving sales?

Another potential reason is the differing schedule between partners. Access codes and accessibility in general are a huge plus for couples that might be working schedules that don’t coincide with each other. Further, it may bring peace of mind knowing that their partner is home safe when the lock is activated. All of these are great points to bring up during a potential sale.

The study also raises some good questions. The lowest bracket is made up of households of five or more people. Why would this be the case? Perhaps these homes feel the safest to their residents since someone is always present in the household. One would think that the ease of entry into one’s home would be a strong motivator to get a smart lock, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

One thing is certain, these demographics have much to say if you’re willing to listen. To find out more, be sure to stay up to date with AvantGuard.

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