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AvantGuard Monitoring Centers and Theora Care Pair To Make a Powerful PERS Wristwatch Solution

Feb 20, 2020 8:00:00 AM

A problem that continues to persist with all PERS devices is the stigma that gives an impression that the user is helpless. PERS and mPERS makers continue to struggle with this, but Theora Care has created a wristwatch solution that is as incognito as a mPERS device as it is powerful.

What is Theora Connect?

At first glance, you’ll see a watch. This might not seem like a big deal, but the look is as important as the watches’ ability. Underneath the watch face are powerful PERS features to keep the user safe.

Starting with the GPS, caregivers will always know where the user is. And to go a step further, the caregiver can create “safe zones” — if the user goes beyond a certain predetermined area, the caregiver is notified immediately. Setting up safe zones is as simple as the automatic notification sent to the caregiver. Using a smartphone, the caregiver can easily drag and drop safe zone areas onto a map.

Quik Connect is basically a two-way voice panel built into the watch. This feature allows caregivers to talk to the user straight through the watch; no need to have access to a phone. This is used congruently with safe zones. When the user walks out of the safe zone, a caregiver can speak with them directly through the watch. You can see this in action here.

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers Partnership with Theora Care

To bolster the Quik Connect feature is AvantGuard Monitoring Centers. Through AvantGuard’s partnership with Theora Care, the care recipient can now be reached directly by one of AvantGuard’s trained professional operators. In the event of an emergency this provides the recipient with the quickest and appropriate level of care they need.

“We are excited to protect subscribers through this wearable technology and provide peace of mind to caregivers,” said Justin Bailey, President of AvantGuard Monitoring Centers.

Stephen Popovich, CEO of Clairvoyant Networks expressed the importance of the partnership to provide the best care for customers. “This collaboration brings the best of both worlds together with a direct link to the care recipient via the Theora Link smartphone app for remote activity and wandering monitoring for the family caregivers, plus the top performing AvantGuard first responder link on the wearable in case of an emergency” said Popovich.

It is an exciting time for PERS and mPERS technology as we continue to see advancements that are going to help dealers increase their subscriber base with better looking and performing technology, and keep subscribers safe with the most advanced technology in the industry.

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