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Tech Saturday: Smart Windows

Feb 22, 2020 1:00:00 PM

With the rapid development of newer, smarter technology, coupled with the ever-expanding Internet of Things, there is a substantial need for smart products in our everyday life. Brilliant Optronics, a Taiwan-based company, is taking full advantage of this fact. At CES this year, they presented a window-film invention. This film is capable of turning any panel of glass into smart glass at the touch of a finger.

The Product

This new smart-film utilizes a liquid crystal molecule formula between two PET films. By applying a variety of voltages to these films, the molecules are then forced to change alignments. There are currently three options for how these molecules should behave.

1) No voltage, clear window. This is fairly explanatory. When the film is unpowered, it remains completely clear.

2) Some voltage, cloudy window. With little voltage applied, the window becomes cloudy, but not completely opaque.

3) More voltage, opaque window. This film is now completely solid in color. This is where Brilliant Optronics separate themselves from their competition. Most smart-glass companies only have two options, either clear and cloudy, or clear and opaque.

Again, three options is what makes this product stand out among the rest. Most similar products only have an on or off switch, while this product is more customizable, and allows for further future exploration in to this type of technology.

The Applications

This product's literal application is simple. It comes in a roll of 40cm wide film, available at any length. The user can cut it to the shape of any piece of glass, at any time. It’s adhesive sticks to glass, saving costs on replacing windows and reducing risks as well, especially on commercial buildings and skyscrapers.

Products like these now only help save on costs for providing a layer of insulation on glass, but they also act as privacy barriers. Offering lower costs, a simpler solution, and a superior smart glass product, the film will run around $400 per square meter on its release. While not necessarily an affordable home solution, it is an extremely affordable commercial solution when compared to other companies similar products.

Innovations like these constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. And again, while it isn’t necessarily a home solution quite yet, Brilliant Optronics is cutting costs everywhere they can. People and products like these are what propel the world forward, making smart solutions like these affordable for the everyday person.

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