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AvantGuard Innovates Through Pandemic

Nov 1, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Creating processes during the pandemic has been a moving target, but AG has remained flexible and on the cutting edge to keep employees healthy and safe while continuing to provide our fast, accurate, caring service for your subscribers. 

While news of the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to spread in early 2020, AvantGuard leadership fully understood this was something that could seriously impact subscriber’s safety and the safety of AG employees. In preparation, weeks prior to the mass gathering shutdowns, including the postponement of ISC West 2020, AG was already taking the necessary steps to implement an emergency mobile monitoring plan that would facilitate uninterrupted service, while simultaneously keeping employees and the community safe from the spread of the virus.

AvantGuard began testing a mobile monitoring plan by having their IT team set up an encrypted virtual private network for operators to access the necessary monitoring software. Mobile workstations were provided to operators along with the necessary training and strict guidelines for effective monitoring from home. AG began testing with a single operator, and incrementally increased the implementation of their mobile monitoring plan. AvantGuard’s advanced preparations put its employees and customers in the best possible situation for maximum safety and protection during the pandemic. AG continues to offer a hybrid ‘work-from-home model.’

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers (AG) is a premier provider of wholesale alarm monitoring, offering professional monitoring services, cloud monitoring and hybrid partnerships across the security, fire, PERS, and IoT industries. AG utilizes the most advanced monitoring technology with three state-of-the-art, hot-redundant monitoring centers, staffed with highly trained operators who respond promptly and compassionately to alarm signals across all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. AG currently partners with over 1,200 dealers and provides monitoring services for over a 1.2 million subscribers. AvantGuard is UL Listed, FM Approved and TMA 5 Diamond Certified, exceeding all standards of excellence in the monitoring services industry.

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