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Holiday Marketing Communications for Dealers

Nov 8, 2021 9:01:21 AM

The next few weeks bring tremendous opportunity for security, fire, and PERS dealers to connect with their audience. We thought you would appreciate some talking points and tips to share in conjunction with the holiday season.

Security Dealers

As a commercial security dealer, now is the perfect time to help your customers be prepared for the holidays. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, robbery and larceny trend upwards by 20% during November and December.

Here are some topics and statistics a commercial security dealer may want to discuss with their audience:

  • 64% of all small businesses experience some form of theft from patrons and employees — and that number goes up during the holidays
  • Theft can be curbed simply by the presence of a video monitoring security system
  • Theft can cost a small business tens of thousands of dollars, and just one act of vandalism may cost a business over $3,300
  • It’s important for customers to install a new security systems if they don’t have one in place
  • Existing systems should be tested which can be done with the AG App
  • Make sure their customers have updated contacts in case of emergency
  • Make sure decorations don’t create blind spots in the security system

And here are some helpful topics and statics for those of you in the residential security industry to consider sharing.

  • E-commerce is expected to grow between 25% - 30% year-over-year meaning there will be more packages delivered to homes than ever before
  • The demand for video doorbells and outdoor security systems has never been greater
  • According to the New York Times, a house without a security system is 300% more likely to get burglarized
  • Security signs posted on the door or in the yard help prevent a house from being burglarized

Fire Dealers

The holidays bring X-mas trees and great holiday dinners. These traditions create an uptick in fire hazards. Here are some ideas to consider sharing in your marketing communications as fire dealers:

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) nearly 45% of home fires are caused by Christmas trees and electrical distribution of lighting equipment
  • A dry X-mas tree can completely catch fire in under a minute
  • The NFPA reports 780 home structure fires per year start with decorations, excluding Christmas trees
  • Ensure your customers are plugging outdoor lights into GFCI outlets
  • Make sure smoke alarms are operational — this reduces the risk of death by nearly 50%


Cold weather months bring additional health risks for our seniors. As PERS dealers, here are some potential messages that may resonate with your audience:

  • Even slightly colder temperatures can increase the risk of hypothermia during winter months which can lead to organ complications and failures
  • Cold temperatures can create dehydration in aging adults which can lead to fatigue, confusion and dizziness, increasing the chances of a fall
  • mPERS devices provide a layer of protection and enhanced freedom to negate cold weather isolation
  • Loved ones and care givers can be notified when a mPERS device is used keeping them in the loop
  • A mPERS device costs anywhere from $15-$50 a month which, on the high end, is still roughly 7% more cost effective than long-distance care giving
Regardless of the industry you serve, we encourage you to connect with your current and potential customers this time of year when the risks are higher. It’s a chance to share your expertise and to show how much you care for their wellbeing.

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