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AvantGuard: A Different Kind of Monitoring Center

Mar 2, 2021 9:32:00 AM

At AvantGuard, we don’t shy away from what makes us different. We unapologetically lean into our core values, devote all our time and energy into our premier technology and dedication to service, all while being true to who we are — positive, upbeat and energized. Dr. Seuss said it best “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”

Differences That Make a Difference

The difference between AvantGuard and other wholesale monitoring centers can’t be pinned to just one thing. It’s a combination of our:

  • People
  • Service
  • Technology
  • Tools & integrations

Our People

One element that particularly sets us apart is our people. At AvantGuard, it’s all about building strong relationships with our dealers, partners and our employees. And the key to that is our refined hiring process, top-tier training and our commitment to growth and improvement. The results: a team that is ready and willing to provide the absolute best service to you and your customers.

In fact, some of our operators and dealer care professionals have been recognized by the monitoring association as the best in their field. We communicate with our ‘We Care F.I.R.S.T.” core values always in mind and are obsessed with building relationships that turn into valued and long-standing partnerships.

Our Service

We have an unrivaled dedication to service. We know that not all dealers have the same needs. That’s why beyond our professional monitoring services, we provide hybrid monitoring options to fulfil your specific staffing or technology needs.

Our services go beyond our offerings. We devote a lot of time and research into providing you with over 600+ articles, eGuides, webinars and whitepapers to help you grow your business.

Our Technology

Our world-class service is backed by revolutionary, state-of-the-art technology. We have heavily invested in our central stations to produce 100% hot redundancy so nothing will interrupt your customers’ service.

Tools and Integrations

Beyond our building technology, we also provide you with a handful of helpful tools and integrations that make your life simpler. For instance, the AG App allows technicians to easily manage their accounts and put them on test, as well as see testing history in one simple place. Our AG Chat app has proven to lower false alarm dispatches by providing customers with a secure group chat to confirm and disregard alarms. And the Dealer Dashboard provides revolutionary insights and data to help you maximize your accounts and become more efficient.

We also understand that every dealer uses different tools and systems. Our API integrations help you make the switch over to AvantGuard seamless, so you can use the tools you’re comfortable with and hit the ground running.

Standing Out in a Crowd

We always keep our mission in mind: We save lives, protect property and inspire peace of mind. We do this by being respectful, professional and with an energized mindset. We know that’s not how everyone else does things, but if caring about you and your customers is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

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