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Automation For Your Business

Apr 20, 2021 8:00:00 AM

You don’t have time to do every single task throughout your day, especially repetitive ones. Let marketing and sales automation take some of the workload off your plate.

Discover What You Can Automate

The first thing to do is identify trouble points and repetitive tasks, like returning emails to those who have filled out a “contact us” form on your website or creating tasks for your sales team members to follow up with leads.

Once you know what you would like to automate, break the task down into individual steps so nothing gets lost in the automation process. Once you know the process inside and out, it’s time for automation to lighten your load.

Automation for Sales

Did you know that the odds of contacting a lead decreases by 10 times if you don’t attempt to make contact within the first hour of them reaching out. Automating a contact email can be crucial here. Even an email saying “we’ve received your inquiry; someone will be in contact with you shortly” lets a potential lead know that their submission was received.

Automating who takes each lead can be a game changer as well. Instead of one person gobbling up all of the leads on your sales team or nobody taking the lead because they all assume one of the other team members will grab it, can be a detriment to your team. Using automation software, whether separately or in your CRM, you can use key contact indicators to send the lead to a specific team member. You can create the automation based on the size of the company, location of the lead, revenue, etc.

But what if you meet people in person, let’s say at a conference or event? Then what? Instead of letting that stack of business cards accumulate in your wallet, take those new contacts and transfer them into your CRM or automation software. From there, you can create an email template and send it to all your new contacts at once. This way you don’t have to re-write or copy and paste several emails. It will save you a lot of time and doesn’t let great leads get buried in your wallet.

Automation for Marketing

When it comes to emails and event registrations, it can’t be overstated how much time and energy automation can save you and your company. Let’s take an event registration for example. If you only want to send an event invite to a certain amount of people in your database, you can do so using specific contact filters and an email template instead of manually going through each individual in your database.

You can also automate a series of emails to go out based on a number of different factors like form submissions, timing, last contact activity, etc. For instance, if someone has made it all the way to your cart online, but didn’t buy your product or service, you can automate a follow-up to give them a little nudge to finish the process. Or you can have an automation process to send out confirmation emails when potential clients register for an event you are hosting.

Automate Your Success

Another way to automate your success is to partner with AvantGuard. We have an unwavering dedication to service and determination to help your business grow and succeed, all while keeping your customers safe and sound.

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