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Feature Spotlight: The AG App

Apr 6, 2021 10:15:49 PM

The AG App is one of AG’s most useful tools for both business owners and technicians. You can manage and test accounts from essentially anywhere with your smartphone.

What Can the AG App Do?

The app makes life easier for technicians. At a baseline level, you can put your accounts on test without having to make a call to the central station. But you can be more finite with your testing, as you can create multiple zones and test those zones simultaneously. To verify all your accounts were tested, you can look up the history which is present in both the AG App and Stages.

If you are out in the field, the App can make your testing more streamlined. The AG App will pull up accounts that are closest to your location so you don’t have to backtrack if you are going from account to account. The app is now integrated with Google and Apple Maps, so if you need a little help finding your way, just click on the address and one of the map providers will help you with directions. And the same thing goes with phone calls – just click on the number and call the account.

For the most streamlined experience, you can customize the default settings so you see exactly what you want to see when you pull up the app. This may include the site type, site groups or site devices and have them all in one centralized place for easy navigation.

What Else is New

We are constantly working to improve your experience with the AG App. Some of the newest features include:

  • Account information now shows contacts and phone numbers
  • Editing Prem and Alt Prem phone numbers
  • Improved maps and filter functionality

If you aren’t currently using the AG app, you can download it below:

Download: Google Play Store

Download: Apple App Store

And if you have any questions, our Dealer Care team is ready to help.

Dealer Care
(866) 880–9591

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