Resource Center and AvantGuard New Integrations and App Updates

May 12, 2020 8:41:09 AM

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers has been partnered with to bring dealers and customers the best and most integrated experience possible. The partnership allows for our technology to mend together to bring one expansive and comprehensive user experience. and AvantGuard are happy to announce new updates to the app that will make both dealers and customer’s lives more convenient.

Central Alarm Monitoring Station Event History

Dealers who use the app can now see a log of the event history. This includes key operator actions like if the police were dispatched during an event. This also includes customer history, like whether a false alarm was confirmed by the customer or not. It’s a quick and convenient way to see what has been happening with your events.

Features include:

  • Key operator action history
  • Customer history — MobileTech & Partner Portal
  • Activity — Mobile app & customer web

Users Can Put Alarm on Test

With the app, users can now put a system on/off test. This might seem like a minor update, but this makes it much easier to test your signals from one convenient place. No more going to your system’s app, or other ways of fumbling with your signal testing. Now, it’s all integrated within the app.

Central Alarm Monitoring Station Event Notifications

Users can opt in to receive notifications about events. This is a great way to stay on top of what is happening with an alarm system, even when the app isn’t open. The notifications include:

  • Dispatch request
  • Police dispatch
  • Fire dispatch
  • Medical dispatch
  • Dispatch cancelled

Together, and AvantGuard Monitoring Centers are here to make your experience as a dealer and customer as convenient as possible. We hope these new updates to the will be excellent additions for our dealers and your customers.

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