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Alarm Monitoring Station Process Changes During COVID-19

Sep 15, 2020 7:30:00 AM

COVID-19 has tested the security industry, and more specifically, the central monitoring stations flexibility, limitations, and adaptability like nothing else before. To be honest, if we are looking at the silver-linings of the current state of affairs, it’s that we have learned that changes can be made to the alarm monitoring station process, and your customers can continue to receive top-level protection all while keeping employees out of harm's way.

Alarm Monitoring Station Process Changes

It can be easy to say “well, everything has changed since the pandemic.” And while that statement does have some merit, central stations have made huge adjustments and changes to their overall processes.

AvantGuard follows CDC guidelines while employees are in the office. But beyond that, they have supplied all operators with the means to carry out their duties from home. This, of course, is under the guidelines set out by the UL concerning virtual workplaces. We have discovered that our business, and our service to customers can continue to grow and excel, even under these new conditions. Needless to say, we are proud of our employees, and particularly of our operators who continue to keep customers safe by maintaining an exceptional level of service and professionalism during this time.

As restrictions have eased, our central station has continued to maintain social distancing in the office, and included additional protocols to have employees wear masks when they are in any common areas. We’ve also installed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the building that are accessible to all employees from just about anywhere. Of course, everyone’s temperature is taken when they walk in the building and discouraged from coming into the office if they are experiencing any signs of sickness.

Changes For Dealers

Dealers have started to notice the want for more smart home devices, especially voice controlled devices in the home. This is for a few reasons. First, end-users want to limit their exposure to the virus, so the ability to control systems with your voice becomes extra beneficial. Secondly, business owners have been away from their businesses for long periods of time, so the increased need for security has skyrocketed. In turn, this has increased the need for dealers to include more smart home and smart security devices into their inventory.

Dealers have also had to adjust the way they interact with end-users. For instance, using Zoom or video calls to help customers install basic security systems and integrations. Other dealers have had to rethink the way they sell security systems altogether.

Regardless, the pandemic has shown just how adaptable we can be within the industry, and that is honestly something to be proud of.

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