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Security Dealers Should Add More Voice Controlled Items To Their Inventory

Aug 18, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Everybody wants to have a smart home. Smart devices not only provide extra convenience inside the house, but also provide more security. And in 2020, safety is at the top of everybody’s list of concerns. Home devices with voice-command technology were already on the rise prior to 2020, but now, with the pandemic, there is a great chance there is going to be a giant uptick in voice AI security devices.

COVID-19 and Voice Control

According to ABI Research, a technology marketing firm, 141 million voice control smart home devices were shipped worldwide. And during the pandemic, that number could easily see an increase.

With COVID-19 impacting everything from our everyday lives to the security industry, people are trying to maintain social distancing, and frankly, trying not to touch anything. Jonathan Collins, research director at ABI said, “Voice has already made significant inroads into the smart home space and voice control can mean avoiding commonly touched surfaces around the home from smartphones, to TV remotes, light switches, thermostats, door handles and more. Voice can also be leveraged for online shopping and information gathering.”

Furthermore, security devices like smart locks can help people avoid exposure. Smart cameras allow packages to be delivered, watched and monitored while the homeowner is away, and even let the homeowner see if the individual at the doorstep has taken the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “Smart home vendors and system providers can certainly emphasize the role of voice and other smart home implementations to improve the day-to-day routines within a home and the ability to minimize contact with shared surfaces, as well as securing and automating home deliveries,” said Collins.

What’s This Mean For Dealers

If you don’t have any voice controlled smart home security devices in your inventory — it’s time to change that. Voice control security is trending upwards and there isn’t any end in sight. And if you have voice controlled technology in your inventory, it is time to really push those items to your customers.

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