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How is IoT Monitoring Used to Advance Personal and Property Safety

Oct 3, 2022 8:00:00 AM

The connection between technology and our daily lives is undeniable. The synergy between life and tech makes daily tasks more streamlined and efficient. When paired with professional monitoring, IoT devices can help to prevent or minimize personal injury and/or reduce property damage from potentially harmful events.

Reactionary vs. Preventative Monitoring 

Security, fire and PERS monitoring are the most common examples of industries that professional wholesale monitoring companies service. But those industries are based on an event taking place and a signal being sent. For example, a fire starts in your business and your smoke detectors send an emergency signal to your monitoring service provider who immediately dispatches emergency services. The fire department arrives on the scene and puts out the fire.  Monitoring in these industries is largely “reactionary.”   

IoT monitoring can revolutionize the way we think about professional monitoring. IoT monitoring has the potential to prevent events that can lead to personal safety hazards and property damage. But like the “chicken before the egg” argument, how do you know an event will or will not occur without intervention? The answer to this question is through open APIs, data and forward-thinking monitoring technology. 


IoT Devices, Services and Monitoring  

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers currently provides IoT monitoring services for personal health and safety (wellness checks), worker safety water and gas leak detection and refrigeration and temperature control.

Wellness Checks 

Wellness checks as part of a remote patient monitoring solution can provide preventive care for patients that reduces the need for hospital visits and improve patient engagement and interaction. Through the Becklar Engage Platform (parent company to AvantGuard) and a user’s Apple Watch, the Engagement platform can send wellness reminders for patients. Examples include charging their PERS devices when the battery is running low, taking scheduled prescription medication on time, providing appointment reminders, and scheduling checkups with their medical care provider. These reminders can come in the form of calls, text messages, and emails depending on the patient’s preference.  

Studies have shown that an increase in patient engagement leads to better overall patient outcomes, reduced hospital visits, and more time and resources for both the patient and the medical staff. The best part is the Engagement Platform uses two pieces of technology that many people already use: a smartphone and Apple Watch.  

Worker Safety  

Becklar Workforce Safety Solutions increase the safety of workers who perform jobs in high-risk areas, at height, or alone on the job. The WorkerSafety Pro app is a unique combination of a preventative monitoring tool with reactionary capabilities. For example, workers who are in potentially hazardous areas can check in via the app on their phone or smartwatch. These check-ins help prevent a major event from happening and let management know the worker is safe. If the worker hasn’t checked-in, management can use geolocation services to locate the worker and get them the help and attention they need quickly (reactionary). 

The app also has fall detection capabilities and a panic button to alert management immediately when an employee is in danger. This IoT technology helps to prevent incidents like an employee getting seriously injured or worse without anyone knowing their whereabouts. 

Water and Gas Leaks 

John Rusk, owner of ProSentry had to deal with the property damage and financial consequences of his kitchen ceiling collapsing after a frozen pipe burst while he was away from home. This event provided the motivation to create a whole building water and gas leak solution designed for residential apartment buildings, commercial buildings, as well as public housing and hospitals.  

With ProSentry’s sensors and AvantGuard’s open APIs and technology, those water and gas leak IoT devices can be professionally monitored to alert the correct people when a small water or gas leak is detected in a building. This can pinpoint where the leak is located, and get the correct authorities there immediately. This technology combined with IoT monitoring can prevent a leak that can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $70,000 in damage and keep residents from being displaced from their homes. 

Crash Detection 

While crash detection is considered a reactionary form of professional monitoring, when powered by AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, drivers receive the help they need quickly thanks to our industry leading 9.4 second response time. AG also utilizes geolocation technology to get emergency medical services to the exact location in a timely manner. But the link between IoT monitoring and vehicle monitoring goes beyond crash detection. 

Other Ways Monitoring is Used in IoT 

While AvantGuard is leading the way in the monitoring industry by partnering with IoT businesses to revolutionize the possibilities of professional monitoring, there are even more industries that benefit from IoT monitoring solutions.  

Fleet Monitoring  

Fleet monitoring is a way for fleet businesses to manage vehicles and drivers while they are on the road. It can increase both vehicle and driver safety, but also make fleet businesses more efficient. Through IoT fleet monitoring companies can learn the most efficient routes for drivers, when to perform vehicle maintenance and increase driver safety.  

Home Energy Reduction  

IoT monitoring can be used for homeowners to reduce their energy waste and increase energy efficiency. Connect4Climate asserts that 35% of energy is wasted in residential homes. HVAC systems use up the most energy in homes (47% of a home’s energy cost). When connected to a smart-home device, an IoT device can alert customers when energy usage levels are beyond a certain threshold or if the temperature in the house becomes too hot or too cold. This can help residents save on their energy bill and help their HVAC systems last as long as possible.  

The Future of Monitoring 

One of AvantGuard’s core values is innovation. We strive to have the most innovative technology, monitoring platform, and monitoring systems available. When looking for a monitoring partner for his water and gas leak IoT devices, John Rusk, Owner of ProSentry said, “We needed a monitoring partner that was technically savvy. AvantGuard (AG) was the only central station that had the technology in place to handle what we were trying to accomplish.”  

AvantGuard embraces change and looks towards the future. Our company slogan is “Monitoring Solutions for a Connected World,” and we strive every day to provide the best professional monitoring technology to be just that, for your security, fire, PERS or IoT businesses. Contact us today to learn how you can partner with AvantGuard.


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